MGP5567 Signs & Portents 67 (2009)

RuneQuest: The Malady

A new RuneQuest scenario written and illustrated by Carl Walmsley

When an unexplained illness strikes and a savage monster becomes trapped inside a mine, the people of Sicklemede turn for help to an approaching band of intrepid adventurers.

RuneQuest: Elf Monsters – Aldryami Addendum #6

A new supplement for RuneQuest by 68 Shannon Appelcline

Glorantha is a world full of strange creatures. Many of them have already been detailed in RuneQuest Monsters and RuneQuest Monsters II. However, particularly in the hidden realms of the Aldryami, there are even stranger creatures still to be found.

  • Branchsteed
  • Dryad
  • Elementals
  • Elemental Archetypes
  • Elfs
  • Elf, Fey (Wild Elf)
  • Elf, Halani (Flower Elf)
  • Runners
  • Runner, Blue
  • Snake Vine
  • Spore Cloud
  • Sprite
  • War Tree

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