MGP5563 Signs & Portents 63 (2008)

RuneQuest: Plunder of the Elfs

Aldryami Addendum #5, a Glorantha supplement by Shannon Appelcline

Glorantha is a magical world, full not just of gods and spells but also many magic items. Some were crafted by the gods themselves or by great heroes; others are the result of mortal rituals or ceremonies. In the world of Glorantha: the Second Age, some magic items are even mass-produced by the God Learners (as is detailed in The Clanking City). Adventurers always hope to discover these many magical items and when they do, they name them PLUNDER.

This article details several notable magic items drawn from the culture of the Aldryami. It is the fifth article in an occasional series that builds on the background of the elfs revealed in Elfs: A Guide to the Aldryami.

Three items in this article were drawn from the original Plunder book. They are: Aldryami Arrows, Aldryami Copper Arrows and Wand(s) of Life. Rudy Kraft originally wrote them all, though the mythology and/or game stats may have been updated. The Wand of Life was updated the most of the three.

  • Aldrya’s Wedding Band
  • Aldryami Arrows
  • Aldryami Copper Arrows
  • Eron’s Blood
  • The Light Blade
  • Seeds of the Green Kingdom
  • Shield of Gata
  • Silverleaf
  • Spire Needles
  • Wand of Life

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