MGP5572 Signs and Portents 72 (2009)

Lankhmar: Temple of the Snake

By Simon Beal

The Temple of the Snake is mentioned in the Swords novels as a single reference and although little is said, much is implied. This article is based on the images conjured by this tantalising remark and provides details for Games Masters wishing to use this religious cult in their games.

Elric: Imenth’er The Dragon Graves of Melnibonè

By Lawrence Whittaker

The dragons of Imrryr are thought to be immortal; certainly they are long-lived, existing long before the Melnibonéans settled their island, and their life spans may therefore be unending. Yet, on occasion, dragons can be mortally injured (as Prince Elric notes,the last such occasion was during the war with the Dharzi, long centuries before) and when these occasions fall, the dragon is taken to Imenthi’er.

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