MGP5575 Signs and Portents 75 (2009)

RuneQuest: RuneQuest Too

By Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash

Now that the secret is broken… now that the cat is out of the bag, the beans spilled, the rumours confirmed, we can talk openly about RuneQuest II (or MRQII – or, if you’re one of the more ardent purists, dating RuneQuest since its very first appearance, RQIV or V or VI, depending on how you count RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha and RuneQuest Slayers into the bargain). But, for us, this is the second edition of Mongoose’s treatment of RuneQuest and so it is, officially RQII.

But that’s semantics. What does RQII actually mean, for you, the player or Games Master, whether new or seasoned? What does RQII give you?

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