MGP5571 Signs and Portents 71 (2009)

Glorantha: Plunder of the Dwarfs

By Shannon Appelcline

All of the races of Glorantha have special items of their own. In the case of the Mostali, they are not necessarily “magic” items, but nonetheless the PLUNDER of the dwarfs is of interest to dwarfs and adventurers alike. This article builds upon the dwarf background found in Dwarfs: A Guide to the Mostali. It is written in the format of Plunder, a classic RuneQuest book, and complements “Plunder of the Elfs”, found in Signs & Portents #63 and “Plunder of the Ducks”, found in Signs & Portents #70.

  • Diamond Dwarf Equipment
  • Flintnail’s Parchment of Planning
  • Gloves of the Mostali & The Cockatrice
  • Jolanti Armour Accessories
  • The Octamonium
  • Shears of Stunting
  • Stone Branches
  • Zoranbane

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