MGP5561 Signs & Portents 62 (2008)

Please note, as produced, this edition has the wrong SKU, MGP5561, not MGP5562 as expected.

RuneQuest: Ghost Of A Chance

A new RuneQuest scenario by Carl Walmsley

When strange creatures begin attacking the town of Holmfort and the ghost of a dead sorcerer appears exactly ten years after his death, the PCs are called into action to renew a failing spell and safeguard the locals.

RuneQuest: Go For The Eyes

Six Ocular Creatures for RuneQuest games by Chris Longhurst

  • Eye Spider
  • Farseer Giant
  • Abyss Puppet
  • Parasitic Eyeball
  • Vision
  • The Immortal Eye of Hun-Tzi Lam

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