MGP5583 Signs and Portents 83 (2010)

Clockwork & Chivalry: The Dragon of Naseby

By Peter Cakebread & Ken Walton

The Dragon of Naseby is a standalone adventure for Clockwork and Chivalry written originally for Continuum 2010. The pre-generated characters included have been randomly created using the rules for Seasoned Adventurers (aside from the Earl of Richmond, who is a Veteran), reflecting the difficulty of the mission.

RuneQuest: A Dogs Life

When the Adventurers discover the ruins of an ancient arcane academy, they find themselves the subjects of a gruelling magical test that has lain dormant for hundreds of years.

This brief RuneQuest scenario is a perfect ‘filler’ and can be used any time a group of Adventurers is wandering through an out-of-the-way region – perhaps during part of an ongoing campaign.

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