MGP5553 Signs & Portents 53 (2008)

RuneQuest: Shapeshifters and Deceivers

Creatures that are not what they seem, by Carl Walmsley.

An array of things that pretend to be other things.

RuneQuest: The Serpentine Hive

A set of new monsters for your RuneQuest games, by Bryan Steele.

Snakes with a supremacist agenda and specialised roles in their hive-like society.

Glorantha: The Voralan Tribes

Aldryami Addendum #4: The lands of the Voralans. By Shannon Appelcline.

An unexpected fourth entry in the aldryami addenda

Hawkmoon: The Ichthus of Life, part 2.

Part two of a scenario for Hawkmoon the Roleplaying Game, by Richard Ford.

Thieves and castle assaults in the second part of this adventure.

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