MGP5568 Signs and Portents 68 (2009)

RuneQuest: Arcana of the Elements Combined

Carl Walmsley’s new supplement for use in both RuneQuest and Dragon Warriors

There are many mages who devote themselves to mastering the elements and fashioning items that channel the eldritch force of nature. However, when the elements are not just tamed but combined, artefacts of rare power may be forged with the interplay of these raw energies producing some quite startling results.

Presented here is selection of several such items, including statistics for their use in games of both RuneQuest and Dragon Warriors. Note that the abilities of the items have not necessarily been duplicated between the two games but have been adjusted to better reflect the sensibilities of each system.

  • Amulet of the Deeping Sea (Air and Water)
  • Elemental Bow
  • Cloak of the Scalding Sands (Air, Earth and Fire)
  • Sword of Wind and Flame (Air and Fire)
  • Molten Axe (Earth and Fire)
  • Stormwalk Boots (Air and Water)
  • Scimitar of the Raging Storm (Water and Air)

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