MGP5570 Signs and Portents 70 (2009)

RuneQuest: The Witching Wheel

Carl Walmsley brings you another excellent RuneQuest adventure. This scenario can be used as a stand alone adventure, or as a follow on from The Malady from Issue 67.

When a band of slavers take prisoners into the forest to sell them to a notorious witch, the PCs are called upon to intervene. Before long they discover that the slavers themselves have been betrayed and that the witch’s plans involve a terrible sacrifice in order to resurrect her long-dead family.

This scenario will work perfectly well as a standalone adventure but can be run as a continuation of the events which began in The Malady (Signs & Portents 67).

RuneQuest: Plunder of the Ducks

A Glorantha supplement by Shannon Appelcline.

All of the races of Glorantha have magic, mystical and divine items that they call their own, even a lesser race like the Durulz. This article describes many duck-related PLUNDER items that adventurers may find, building upon the background of Ducks: A Guide to the Durulz. It is written in the format of Plunder, a classic RuneQuest book and complements “Plunder of the Elfs” found in Signs & Portents #63.

  • Albatross Eye
  • Blue Heron Feather
  • Duru’s Reed Boat
  • Flamingo’s Fascinating Feather
  • Old Duck Whistle
  • Portable Pond
  • Silver Tomia
  • Soil of Ganderland
  • Scarf of Blind Ignorance
  • Sword of Stormbill

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