MGP5545 Signs & Portents 45 (2007)

RuneQuest: Polearms

Bohemian Ear Spoon

Elric and Hawkmoon

An overview of the worst kept secret in roleplaying our new eternal champion licences.

How are the new Eternal Champion games different from standard RuneQuest? Richard Ford and Lawrence Whitaker explain.

RuneQuest: Spirit Invocation

A new magical style all about how to summon, fight and bind spirits, by Matt Thomason

Got something strange in your neighbourhoodexorcise itor better yet bind it and force it to serve you.

RuneQuest: Down the Hatch

Intoxication, inebriation and the morning after. Drunkenness in RuneQuest, by Carl Walmsley

In a nod to one of the oldest tropes of fantasy roleplaying we examine booze for RuneQuest.

RuneQuest: Enchanted Arcana

A selection of magic items and the methods used to create them, by Carl Walmsley.

A handful of magic items with step by step instructions for their creation.

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