MGP5589 Signs and Portents 89 (2011)

Mongoose 2011 Armes of Battel (Part II) for Clockwork and Chivalry. Shamanism for Fun and Prophets. Xiombarg’s Children (Elric)

RuneQuest: Shamanism for Fun and Prophets

By Bruce Mason, Gary Goldman and Pete Nash

RuneQuest II introduces a new, free-form system of Spirit Magic mixing a blend of academic realism and fantasy. The rules provide a toolkit of ideas that can be used to create many different kind of animistic traditions but the openness of the system can make it hard to know where to start or how to fit spirit magic into your own campaign. This article provides answers to questions that have been asked and tools to help bring spirit worship to life in any campaign. This is the first of two articles: the second will expand upon the range of spirits and spirit encounters available to spirit worshippers.

Clockwork & Chivalry: Armes of Battel (Part II)

By Colin Chapman

Weapons and Armour in Clockwork & Chivalry

Ranged Combat Weapons

Elric: Xiombarg’s Children

By John R White


Few travellers in the Young Kingdoms find any compelling reasons to visit the barbarous ‘half-men’ of Alofia. Yet a few resolute traders are prepared to pass through their realm on the trail towards the remote and distant city of Xanardwys.

Glorantha: The Initiation

By Ken Walton

This is intended as an introductory adventure for new RuneQuest characters, who will play young members of an Orlanthi tribe. The adventure can be run with only the core rulebook, though those wishing more details of the cultures involved may wish to refer to Glorantha: The Second Age.

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