ISS3011 The Book of Heortling Mythology (2009)

What Is This Book?

This book is an attempt to gather together as many stories about the deities of the Orlanth and Ernalda pantheon. It is, however, still an Unfinished Work, and thus not as slick as my storytelling instincts want to make it. But then, I’ve compiled it for my own use and I don’t need it slick now. This compilation is sufficient for me. – GS


This book includes published material from several items that are out of print. These were Issaries Hero Wars publications that have since gone out of print: King of Sartar, Storm Tribe, and Thunder Rebels. It includes materials from Wyrms Footnotes as well, including some long-lost articles.

It includes unpublished materials. The vast and unfinished earlier drafts of Harmast Saga has contributed many tales, plucked from that narrative.

See the Detailed Contents for more information on what myths are covered.

The Stafford Library – Volume XI

Author(s): Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, Martin Hawley

Artist(s): Simon Bray

System: Systemless


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Special Edition Convention Chimériades October 20092009
ISS3011Softcover book2009
Third edition, updated for the Continuum Convention, Leicester, UK, July 2010.2010

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