Aldryami Pantheon

Elf mythology is mainly concemed with the Green Age, when Aldrya walked the earth and spread her children across its surface. During Yelm’s Golden Age, elf civilization reached its pinnacle, but it was destroyed by the Young Gods, who sent the world into the First Winter. A few survivors, led by High King Elf, remained awake to preserve life.

All elves are born into this religion, and usually remain in it until they die. Some other beings join this religion but they must be natives of the deep wood and have a long history of friendship and loyalty to elves. Elves dominate their woods and are ruthless against intruders. All treatings with elves, especially in secret matters of religion, must be on their terms.

Elves remember a united nation in the blissful pacifism of the Green Age. Now they are divided into forest kingdoms whose residents have adapted to local conditions. All plant life is admitted to eff kinship, even the sea-water algae and the musty fungi, and each has an associated race.

The members of the Aldryami Pantheon include:

There are also the Elder gods:

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