Moonson, Father of the Veldang

Artmal is a son of the Blue Moon, Annilla. He came to Pamaltela during a time long-forgotten, and founded the fabulous Artmali Empire. Evil days befell his descendants when Artmal was maimed by wicked storm gods. The Empire became a wasteland and its people were enslaved by their neighbors and former friends. Artmal’s blue-skinned descendants are now called the Veldang, and they still remember the glorious days when Artmal himself walked the earth and when Artmali ships sailed a lovely sea where the bleak Nargan desert now lies.

The blueskins of the land of Zamokil now dance to Artmal once a year. They costume themselves in his image, donning straw wigs with animal horns, strapping on an extra pair of artificial arms, painting an eye on their forehead, and wearing woven grass skirts and leggings (a clothing fashion otherwise unknown in the region). In the city-states along the north coast of Zamokil, Artmal is portrayed as an enslaved god, emaciated and chained.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal RuneNotes
Cults of Glorantha Preview412019As associate cult of Annilla
Guide to Glorantha1512014Notes only
Common and uncommon runes2004Personal Rune only
Tales of the Reaching Moon #11191994Gods of Pamaltela notes

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