Arachne Solara

Goddess of nature; greatest of the greater gods

Some philosophers theorize about gods beyond the gods. Sometimes these theorizations are labeled as powerful impersonal forces, like Time. Sometimes they remain mysterious and unfathomable, such as Arachne Solara. Mystics and philosophers say that the web of Arachne Solara is the binding of the universe — the universal fabric which connects all parts of the world.

Her origin is unknown, though legends abound. She was unimportant until all the gods gathered together in the Land of Death, awaiting final annihilation by the chaos gods. As if they were merely puppets on a single set of strings, all the gods cooperated and aided Arachne Solara to fight entropy. Chaos metamorphosed, Time began, and the gods went about their old business.

Since then, Arachne Solara has intervened in the world twice. The first resulted from the making of the chaos-god Gbaji; the second when the Jrusteli overstepped the bounds of magic. Both times even the gods changed — the faithful and the just escaped her wrath while the evil and heartless were destroyed.

Few beings actively worship Arachne Solara, for her spells are beyond mortal ken, and she does not respond to prayers and appeals. She appears when and where she desires. The results of her presence are sometimes benevolent and generous, at other times cruel and terrifying, but usually neutral and natural. She eats anything she catches in her web.

She is usually shown as a bloated black spider, or as a woman to the hips, mounted upon a spider’s thorax and abdomen.

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