Herd mother, Mother of Herds

This is the cow-mother. She is the source of fecundity and rich milk for all hoofed and horned creatures. Every farmer or herder calls her by whatever local animal he favors.

Eiritha is usually shown as a larger-than-life version of the popular local animal. Sometimes, especially among the Praxians, she is shown as a human-headed version of the beast, or as a beast-headed woman.

Known in Sartar as Uralda the Cow Mother, one of the Animal Mothers:

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview1512019
RuneQuest Glorantha2912018
Guide to Glorantha1512014Notes only
HeroQuest Glorantha1412012Runes only
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1412009Ernalda & Esrola subcult
as Uralda the Cow Mother
HeroQuest1222009Runes only
Heortling Mythology222009Mythology
Cult Compendium792002
Thunder Rebels2042000As Uralda the Cow Mother
Runes only
Ernalda & Esrola subcult
Tales of the Reaching Moon #14
Gods of Glorantha, The Cults1985Short form
Gods of Glorantha, Prosopaedia1985Notes only
Cults of Prax271978
Cult Compendium822002Eirithan Genealogy

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