Chaos god, The Knowledge Thief, Devourer of Knowledge

Chaos pantheon

Atyar is a portion of a chaos god worshipped for centuries as a patron of occult thieves. In historical times his cult was reunited with another severed portion of the god into Thanatar. Atyar is still worshiped independently from Thanatar.

Atyar is symbolized by a wooden post, to which are nailed the hands of victims as offerings to this vile god. He is pictured by his foes as a silver ram-horned skull with blazing eyes.

see also Thanatar, Tien

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview4662019After decapitation
Cult Compendium2872002After decapitation
Lords of Terror641994Short form.
Shadows on the Borderlands741993Carmanian version
Cults of Terror531981

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Chaos pantheon