Oriflam (1987-1996)

Oriflam were a French RPG publisher. They published RuneQuest under licence 1987-1996. In addition they also published Stafford’s two board games, and King of Sartar. Their house magazine was called Tatou.

GM SCREEN – Le Maître des Runes ( The Lord of the rune ), published in 1988

Les Dieux of Glorantha ( Gods of Glorantha ) published in 1987. 

covers of the Gods Glorantha and Genertela


Les Monts Arc en Ciel ( The Rainbow Mounds) 1989
Les Ruines Hantées ( The Haunted Ruins ), 1989 

Les Monts Arc en Ciel is the Apple Lane original, with the Glorantha Bestiary added to the end.

Screen game director, second edition (1991)
Les Secrets Oubliés ( Elder Secrets of Glorantha), 1991 / Les Guerriers du Soleil ( Sun County), 1992
Sous le Signe du Chaos ( Shadows on the Borderlands ) 1994 / La voie du saber ( Land of ninjas) 1995

Thanks to Runeblogger for the covers and captions from elruneblog.

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