Hon-eel the Dancer


Lunar pantheon — Third Inspiration of Moonson, lunar goddess of rebirth

The Lunar Empire was desolated by horse barbarian attacks in its early years. After the barbarians were defeated, Hon-eel appeared and renewed the empire. She restored provincial lands which had drifted from Lunar rule as a result of the barbarian attacks, settled new lands, drove the last of the horsemen off, and discovered a new food grain, maize, for Peloria. Hon-eel danced her way to the end of the universe and brought back rich blessings of fertility for all who were wise enough to call on her.

Her images show a graceful, handsome woman. She is dancing, balanced on her right foot. Her left foot is on her right knee, and she holds forth a bundle of maize.

Write uppageyearRunesNotes
HeroQuest Glorantha142 & 1852012/ runes only

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