The Dancer, the Lunar Earth Goddess and Mother of Maize, Third Inspiration of Moonson, lunar goddess of rebirth

The Lunar Empire was desolated by horse barbarian attacks in its early years. After the barbarians were defeated, Hon-eel appeared and renewed the empire. She restored provincial lands which had drifted from Lunar rule as a result of the barbarian attacks, settled new lands, drove the last of the horsemen off, and discovered a new food grain, maize, for Peloria. Hon-eel danced her way to the end of the universe and brought back rich blessings of fertility for all who were wise enough to call on her.

Her images show a graceful, handsome woman. She is dancing, balanced on her right foot. Her left foot is on her right knee, and she holds forth a bundle of maize.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview3802019As Hon-Eel the Artess
HeroQuest Glorantha142 & 1852015orRunes only
Guide to Glorantha1512014Immortal heroine of the Red Goddess. Runes only.
Common and uncommon runes2004Personal Rune only

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