The Mad God, Leader of the Unholy Trio, The Evil One

Ragnaglar is sometimes called the kinsman of Storm Bull, driven to hatred and dishonorable acts by jealousy. His spouse was Thed, his mistress was Mallia. Together the three formed the Unholy Trio. As proof of Ragnaglar’s madness they brought chaos, the final catastrophe, into the world.

In recent times Ragnaglar survives as only a nursery tale, for he was slain by Storm Bull. Thed and Mallia survive, but since the demise of their horrid master their outrages have not risen to such a magnitude as to threaten the existence of the universe.

In many troll and barbarian ceremonies a surrogate Ragnaglar is created for ritual combat. Ragnaglar’s stand-in wears a mask with four different horns and two mouths, and the legs of many different animals are draped from his neck.

Write upPageYearRunesNotes
Lords of Terror521994Notes only
Cult Compendium862002Orlanthi Genealogy

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