God of Disorder

see also Trickster

Ratslaff was the buffoon of the Celestial Court and the Cosmic Dupe before the coming of Time. As the primal trickster many of his pranks were extremely crude, and they often backfired on him. Such was the case when he once flatulated with a tremendous roar and out popped the boggles, cosmic mice which made little poo-poos all across the vault of heaven, which nibbled upon the Veil of Mystery, and which once so frightened a pregnant Mother Mammal that she gave premature birth to that utterly unbelievable creature called Camel. Uleria befriended these creatures and, with the destruction of the Spike, the Disorderly nature of the boggles allowed them to stand against the initial onrush of chaos (even though the boggles themselves were nearly eliminated) so that the remaining gods could better prepare themselves to defend the world.

Ratslaff is not now worshiped. Legends imply that he died as he lived — he disappeared when particularly cruel prank of his backfired, and he winked out of existence with a hilarious look of astonishment plastered across his face. His memory lives on in the ugly faces which parents make at their children and in the minor deformities or blemishes suffered by some people which cause them to be subjects of ridicule (such as wall eyes, warts, stammering, buck teeth, mottled skin, etc.)

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