CHA4033 The Glorantha Sourcebook (2018)

The Glorantha Sourcebook is an essential resource for Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha, one of the most extensively developed and renowned fantasy settings of all time. A world of mythology, gods, and heroes, Glorantha has inspired roleplaying games, board games, computer games, comics, fiction, and more, a setting beloved and revered worldwide.

An invaluable resource for gamemasters, players, and readers of fantasy worlds, this sourcebook is gorgeously illustrated and filled with informative maps and diagrams. Drawn from a variety of out-of-print and rare sources, this material has been dramatically revised, updated, and expanded. Alongside this foundational material are new essays, insights, and extrapolations on the world and its incredible denizens.

Inside this sourcebook, you’ll learn about the creation of the world; the main ages of its past; the history of Dragon Pass and its people; the pantheons of the gods, including the Lightbringer and Lunar pantheons; the Coming of Argrath; Elder Races such as the Elves, Dragonewts, Dwarves, and Trolls; genealogies of the major royal dynasties; legends and lore of the various tribes and peoples inhabiting Glorantha; the fundaments of Gloranthan magic and the Runes that shape the world; the history and gods of the mighty Lunar Empire; and finally, the Hero Wars!

This systemless sourcebook can be used to enhance and support any fantasy roleplaying game of your choosing, including RuneQuest, and 13th Age Glorantha, and others.


  • By Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard
  • with Michael O’Brien and Sandy Petersen
  • This book is dedicated to Greg Stafford, who first discovered Glorantha.
  • Editor: Jason Durall
  • Art Direction: Jeff Richard
  • Design & Layout: Malcolm Wolter
  • Cartography: Darya Makarava, Simon Bray, Colin Driver, Lawrence Keogh, And Matt Ryan
  • Artists: Dan Barker, Bernard Bittler, Simon Bray, Antonia Doncheva, Jed Dougherty, Rich Fleider, Lisa Free, Kate Glasheen, Merle Insinga, Kalin Kadiev, Jennifer Lange, Michelle Lockamy, Jan Pospíšil, Jakob Rebelka, John Snyder, Tom Sullivan, Eric Vanel
  • Art Provided By A Sharp Is Copyright (C) 2018 A Sharp And Is Provided Under License.
  • Proof Reader: T.R. Knight, And Our Tribal Faithful.
  • Special Thanks Go to those people who have contributed greatly or a little to Glorantha over the years: Dan Barker, Joerg Baumgartner, Rick Becker, Simon Bray, Nick Brooke, William Church, Ian Cooper, Robert Corbett, Gene Day, David Dunham, Christopher Gidlow, David Hall, Rob Heinsoo, Martin Helsdon, Jon Hodgson, Mark Galeotti, Janelle Jaquays, Kalin Kadiev, Daniel McCluskey, Rick Meints, Peter Metcalfe, Luise Perrene, Steve Perrin, Jan Pospíšil, Kevin Ramos, Neil Robinson, Ken Rolston, Harald Smith, Steve Swenston, Ray Turney, and Jonathan Tweet. Our apologies to any who were unrecorded.
  • Publisher: Chaosium
  • Product Code: CHA4033
  • Publishing Year: 2018
  • Pages: 220
  • Cover Price: $39.95
  • System: Systemless.
  • ISBN: 9-781568-825014-53995

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