Hwarin Dalthippa

[h’WAH-ren dahl-THIP-uh]

The Conquering Daughter, Lunar heroine

Hwarin Dalthippa is the favorite goddess of the Lunar provinces. Once mortal, she founded the famous and beautiful city of Jillaro, conquered the provincial barbarians and integrated them into the empire, and built the magical roads which today criss-cross the region. She is also worshiped by women as a domestic goddess.

Her most famous temple image shows her standing helmeted, a third eye visible on her forehead, holding a spear and with shield and distaff at her feet.

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Cults of Glorantha Preview3882019
Crescent Come Moon Phase
Guide to Glorantha1512014Notes only
HeroQuest Glorantha1852012

Crescent Come Moon Phase
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