ISS2002 Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes (2009, 2012)

Sartar – HeroQuest in the Kingdom of Heroes…

The year is 1618 S.T.

The Flame of Sartar has been extinguished. For generations, our wise kings and powerful magicians fought against the armies and demons of the Lunar Empire and kept us free. Now, the people suffer under the tyranny of the Red Moon. In every hill fort, village, and tribe, there are prophesies of a new liberator who shall start the Hero Wars and free Sartar – the Argrath. Is it your destiny to be this Argrath and relight the Flame of Sartar?

Your HeroQuest Glorantha Adventures begin here!

What’s in this book?

The Sartar Book contains everything you need for a Gloranthan HeroQuest campaign set in the Kingdom of Sartar, the core of Greg Stafford’s Glorantha.

  • New rules for creating Sartarite characters and their clans that immediately introduce and immerse you in the rich world of Glorantha.
  • Comprehensive and detailed rules for the Rune Magic of the Sartarites.
  • The cults of Sartar (including new writeups for the most important Sartarite cults).
  • Rules to bring the powerful magical adventures called heroquests into your game.
  • Background material including of Sartarite myths and history.
  • An epic campaign arc putting your characters into the magical Hero Wars that will determine the fate of the Kingdom of Sartar and Glorantha.

What is HeroQuest?

HeroQuest is Robin Laws’ innovative, dynamic and flexible roleplaying game rules suitable for play in any genre or setting. It allows Game Masters to make decisions the way authors and screenwriters do when creating novels, TV episodes and movies. With HeroQuest you can play everything from a Victorian consulting detective solving mysteries to a world-shattering hero.

What is Glorantha?

Glorantha is the fantasy world of legendary game designer Greg Stafford. A world of exotic myth and fantastic magic, Glorantha is self-contained and unique in its creation. An ancient world, rich in magic, and where myth is reality. Here the gods and heroes live, and act to protect their followers and further their own mysterious goals.

You must own HeroQuest Core Rules (2nd edition) to play this book.


Second printing

  • Written By Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard
  • With: Simon Bray, Matthew Cole, Ian Cooper, David Dunham, Martin Hawley, Rick Meints, Neil Robinson, David Scott, Lawrence Whitaker, and many others.
  • Based on material by Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Ken Rolston, Nick Brooke, David Hall, Ian Cooper, Robin D. Laws, Michael O’Brien, Roderick Robertson, Simon Bray, Charles Corrigan, Stewart Stansfield, John Hughes and many others.
  • Design & Layout by Rick Meints
  • Cover Art by Jon Hodgson
  • Illustrations by Dan Barker, Bernard Bittler, Simon Bray, Damon Brown, Frederic Chernier, William Church, Jed Dougherty, Stephano Gaudiano, Alejandro Fernandez Giraldo, Manoel Magalhães, Juha Makkonen, Regis Moulin, Michael O’Connor, Mike Raabe, Darran Sims, Stewart Stansfield, and Greg Stafford.
  • Cartography by Colin Driver, Gillian Pearce, Phil Anderson, Nick Brooke, and Wesley Quadros
  • Art Direction by Simon Bray
  • Assistant Art Direction by Claudia Loroff
  • Project Management by Jeff Richard
  • Copy Editing by Charles Alston, Matthew Cole, Martin Hawley and David Scott
  • Playtesters included Pam Carlson, Ray Chopping, David Dunham, Christian Einsporn, Sven Grottke, Rob Helm, Claudia Loroff, Neil McRea, Robin Mitra, Michael O’Connor, Martin Oehler, Dave Pearton, Christine Reich, Neil Robinson, Dana Schack, Leticia Wilke, and Marc Wilke.
  • Special thanks to David Hall and his Reaching Moon Megacorp crew, the Seattle Farmers Collective, and The Monday Nighters.
  • This edition is printed and distributed, under license, by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Limited
  • Cublicle 7 Production Managed by Dominic McDowall-Thomas
  • Copyright © 2009, 2012 Moon Design LLC.
  • Publication CB77901.
  • Second Edition – August 2012.
  • ISBN# 978-0-85744-104-1

Editions & Related Editions

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes 2012Cubicle 72nd edition
ISS2002-PDFSartar: Kingdom of Heroes 2012Moon Design2nd edition
ISS2002Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes 2009Moon Design1st edition
ISS2002-PDFSartar: Kingdom of Heroes 2009Moon Design1st edition
ISS2002-PreviewSartar: Kingdom of Heroes PreviewMay 2009Moon Designpreview for the Tentacles Omega Convention, Bacharach, May 2009. 13 pages.


  • Introduction Book One: Making Your Orlanthi Character and Clan
    • Your Rune Affinities and Magic
    • Examples of Characters
    • Your Daily Life
    • Making Your Clan
  • Book Two: Magic and Religion
    • Rune Magic
    • Charms, Spells, and Natural Magic
    • The Orlanthi Religion
    • Orlanthi Mythology
    • Cults of Sartar
    • The Seven Lightbringers
    • The Cult of Orlanth
    • The Cult of Ernalda
    • The Cult of Chalana Arroy
    • The Cult of Elmal
    • The Cult of Issaries
    • The Cult of Lhankor Mhy
    • The Cult of Humakt
    • The Cult of Urox the Storm Bull
    • The Cult of Yinkin
    • Heroquests
    • Running a Heroquest
  • Book Three: The Orlanthi Book
    • Report on the Orlanthi
    • A History of the Kingdom of Sartar
    • The Tribes of Sartar
    • Sartarite Places of Interest
    • The City of Boldhome
    • Traveling Through Sartar
    • Neighbors and Other Enemies
    • The Lunar Occupation and Rebellion
    • The Colymar Tribe
  • Book Four: The Colymar Campaign
    • Starbrow’s Rebellion: A Flashback
    • The Feast of Beasts
    • The Red Hands of Hofstaring
    • Interlude: Consequences
    • The Second Task: The Howling Tower
    • The Greydog Feud
    • Descent into the Underworld
    • The Kingdom of the Dead
    • The Pit of Hell The Return
  • Appendix
  • Index
  • Maps and Illustrations
    • Location of Sartar and Kethaela
    • Dragon Pass and the Holy Country
    • Character Sheets
    • Example of Clan
    • Clan Sheets
    • Orlanthi Tattoos
    • Common Orlanthi Runes
    • Major Cult Centers for the Sartarites
    • House of Sartar
    • Tribes of Sartar
    • The Kingdom of Sartar
    • Jonstown
    • Swenstown
    • Wilmskirk
    • View of Boldhome and its Vicinity
    • Boldhome
    • Geo’s Inns
    • Grazelands
    • Central Tarsh
    • Kerofin and the Dragonwilds
    • Colymar History
    • Clans of the Colymar
    • Colymar Lands
    • Guide to Cover Illustration
    • Old Man Village
    • Nymie Vale and the Starfire Ridges
    • Upland Marsh
    • Greydog Lands
    • The Underworld

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