ISS2002 Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes (2009)

Second printing


Greg Stafford & Jeff Richard



Formats and Printings

ISS2002Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes 2009, 1st edition.
ISS2002-PDFSartar: Kingdom of Heroes
2009, 1st edition, pdf format.
ISS2002Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes
2012, 2nd edition.
ISS2002-PDFSartar: Kingdom of Heroes 2012, 2nd edition, pdf format.
ISS2002-PreviewSartar: Kingdom of Heroes2009, preview for the Tentacles Omega Convention, Bacharach, May 2009. 13 pages.

Everything you need for setting a campaign in the Kingdom of Sartar. At 378 pages, it is a huge setting and scenario pack that enables you and your players to have countless hours of roleplaying fun:

  • How to create Sartarite characters and clans using the HeroQuest rules
  • The magic and religion of the Sartarites (including complete writeups of the cults of Orlanth, Ernalda, Humakt, Chalana Arroy, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Elmal, Urox and Yinkin)
  • A guide to Sartarite myths and the powerful magical adventures called heroquesting
  • Background information about the Kingdom of Sartar and its peoples
  • An epic campaign arc that will put your characters in the middle of the magical wars that will determine the fate of the Kingdom of Sartar.

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