Lunar pantheon — messenger of the Goddess

Several humans became demigods and filled roles in the Lunar pantheon. One of these was the frustrated daughter of a southern merchant who went to hear the word of the Red Goddess. She listened well, learned what the goddess meant, and worked her way to become Etyries, goddess of merchants, messengers, and heralds. In becoming a goddess, Etyries usurped spells and skills possessed by other deities.

She is usually pictured as a wide-eyed woman thrusting a balance scales forward in her right hand, and clutching a sacred urn to her breast with her left.

Write uppageyearRunesNotes
HeroQuest Glorantha1852012
Full Half Moon phase
runes only
Pavis, Gateway to Adventure4082012
Full Half Moon phase
HeroQuest1212009runes only
Cult Compendium1002002Notes only

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