Chaos god of hunger and traps

This creature’s true name is still unknown. She is also known as the Waiting Mouth, the Hungry One, and the Devouring Mother. She invaded Glorantha with the Devil and fed on the refuse of the universe. When driven underground, she chewed great holes in the world.

Throughout Time, she has never held a surface kingdom. Instead, she tunnels through society as she tunnels through the earth. The cult serves as a clandestine network, a society of assassins, and a secret organization for the power-hungry. Even her own worshipers rarely know what they serve, and most never meet one of the awful tunnel-monsters which dig Krarsht’s traps and mazes.

Her temples have statues of a many-tentacled creature, like an octopus with multiple fanged mouths. In some troll rituals a foe is dressed like her for sacrifice, decorated with wire ropes for arms.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
/ Associated
Cults of Glorantha Preview4482019
Guide to Glorantha1532014Notes only
Cult Compendium3112002
Lords of Terror711994
Gods of Glorantha, The Cults1985Short form write up
Cults of Terror761981

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