CHA4001 RuneQuest (1978, 2016)

Each of the editions are identified by their SKU. Games Workshop editions are included for reference.

The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

RuneQuest 1978The 1st edition was released at Origins, July 14-16, 1978, and was out of print by some time in May of 1979. In all, according to Chaosium company records, they printed 4000 copies of it at most.CHA4001e1
20151st edition Classic, Print on Demand (POD).CHA4001-1E-POD
1st Edition Classic PDF.CHA4001-1E-PDF
RuneQuest19802nd edition Rulebook. 4 different covers / printings:
1980Hardcover with Dust Jacket and Chaosium Wyrm Logo. Reston PublishingCHA4001-H
2nd edition, thick box, no production number.CHA4001-X p1
2nd edition, thick box, brown cover.
CHA4001-X p2
19802nd edition, 2″ thick box & 1″ thick box.CHA4001-X p3
19822nd edition, 2″ thick box. Games WorkshopGW102107
1983RQ Box 2nd edition thin box, color cover.CHA4001-X p4
January 20162nd edition Classic Hardcover.CHA4001-H
January 2016RuneQuest 2nd edition Classic Leatherette.CHA4001-L
2015RuneQuest 2nd edition Classic PDF.CHA4001-2E-PDF
January 2016RuneQuest 2nd edition Classic Leatherette Bundle.CHA4001-LE-B
January 2016RuneQuest 2nd edition Classic Bundle.CHA4001-H-B

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