Chaos pantheon

Chaos god of entropy, the Void, Father of Bad Man

Kajabor wields entropy in the world. Often called God-Killer, he destroys all vestiges of matter or energy, annihilating all possibilities of individuality or unity. Entities slain by Kajabor have never returned to the world, and even their names, and memories of them, have been lost after their bodies and souls were eliminated from the universe.

Kajabor is the Great Fear, believed to drive people or gods to follow such corruption as Wakboth. For this reason Kajabor is as much an enemy as true evil, though he is utterly impersonal and, some say, as natural as the forces of creation.

In God-Time, Kajabor was slain by Wakboth and went to Hell where he confronted the last of the gods, massed in their final stronghold. Arachne Solara there enmeshed him, wrapped him in her legs and struggled mightily, and at last devoured him alive. The resulting combination of entropy and existence synthesized into the god Time, who rules the cosmos.

In every instance where a wall painting shows Kajabor facing or destroying other gods, his image is always hammered out, leaving a gaping ruin. Thus is he rendered.

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