Chaos god of Treason, Lord of Monsters

Chaos pantheon

The gods of chaos crawled out from the howling void left behind after the destruction of the spike. Krjalk was one of them. Billions of beings joined his empire of chaos mutants. Merely speaking his name or thinking of him was then enough to transform the speaker or thinker into a chaos horror — a slave of Krjalk’s throngs. Zorak Zoran finally encountered this dire terror and devoured him. Only tiny particles of Krjalk escaped to seed the souls of traitors, parricides, and apostates everywhere.

He is shown in Zorak Zoran rituals in many forms, but always with a noose about his neck and a metal spike protruding from his chest.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview4542019
Lords of Terror581994

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