RuneQuest 6: Book of Quests Now Available for Pre-Order

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RuneQuest 6: Book of Quests Now Available for Pre-Order Loz's picture Submitted by Loz on Wed, 20/03/2013 – 14:50

Even though this is the HeroQuest Forum, I’m delighted to announce that Book of Quests – the first Design Mechanism supplement for RuneQuest 6th Edition – is now available for pre-order ( We estimate that print copies will be shipped from our warehouse at the end of March, although the PDF version of the book is available for immediate download. If you buy Book of Quests directly from us, you will be offered the PDF free of charge.

Book of Quests Print (+ free PDF) = $19.00 (+$9 shipping): 224 pages
Book of Quests PDF only = $8.00 (immediate download): 224 page (fully indexed and bookmarked)

This adventure supplement contains seven very different scenarios that can be played as a complete campaign, or as one-off adventures that should fit with most fantasy settings. Each scenario is complete with maps, diagrams, handouts and full RQ6 statistics for all the NPCs and creatures encountered.

Book of Quests offers months of play. Can the characters thwart Jedakiah’s schemes? Can King Myur be saved from himself? What evil lurks in the heart of Aylesford? What secret does the mournful Contessa keep?

Find all these answers – and more, in the pages of Book of Quests.

Oh, and yes, you can use BoQ in Glorantha; some guidance notes are provided in the book’s introduction.

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