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Lingering Benefits / States of Adversities Submitted by pansophy on Mon, 27/05/2013 – 21:04

Recently I made a list to help me coming up with ideas for assigning¬†States of Adversities or Lingering Benefits. Here’s a small list, maybe it is helpful for somebody else ūüėČ

The first is the environmental setting where the players are using an Ability in, the second are possible States of Adversity or Lingering Benefits the player may be assigned when failing or passing a Contest.

This is not meant to be a complete list, it is just to remind me about different possibilities than the most common or obvious ones.

Some words might seem dublicated, but they can mean different things depending on the theme, e.g. Resources & Supplies. First can be minerals, coal, gold, wood, etc, where the latter can be food, water, mules, horses, slaves, etc.

Espionage/Burglary/Thievery: Nervousness/Tension/Alarms/Observers/Reputation/Status/Insight

Horror/Gore: Terror/Fear/Tension/Trauma/Madness/Facts/Evidence/Sequence of Events

Mechanical/Crafting/Disarming/Traps: Time/Tools/Insight/”Blueprints”/Fame/Status/Followers/Reputation

Combat: Wounds/Weapons/Armour/Allies/Enemies/Tools/Resources/Supplies/Territory/Units

Court: Facts/Pressure/Status/Reputation/Fame/Contracts/Contacts/Bail/Ransom

Navigation: Time/Wounds/Orientation/Supplies/Separation/Tools/Traps/Ambush/Shortcuts/Resources

Investigation: Facts/Evidence/Sequence of Events/Insight/Allies/Enemies/Contacts/Time/Shortcuts/Navigation/Places/Secrets

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