Orlanthi Pantheon

Also known as the Storm Pantheon

Orlanth is the god of most barbarians of Genertela. Their tumultuous politics resemble their storm god’s roiling personality. Their deities range in demeanor from the civilized Issaries to the brutal Storm Bull.

Orlanthi mythology is full of personal combat and heroism, reckless deeds and honorable responses to impossible situations. Although the storm gods wrecked the old world by murdering the sun god, they improved it by instilling danger and freedom into an otherwise stagnant life. When too many people complained of hunger and fear, Orlanth accepted his responsibility and went to Hell to bring back the sun.

Orlanthi culture has spawned several organized civilizations, though these have so far always degenerated to barbarism.

The members of the Orlanthi Pantheon include:

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