Inora the White Princess


Orlanthi, Praxian, and Uz pantheons — goddess of mountaintop winter

Inora is the goddess of winter mountain tops. Her cool beauty descends to the lowlands, and in Prax sometimes brings water to the most arid regions. Her calm beauty shrouds an icy wrath which brings silent devastation.

Trolls use rock from mountain tops to carve a troll woman who is long and thin, like an icicle. Special statues are carved from natural stalagmites naturally formed like the goddess. Praxians show her as a tall white goddess crowned with a castle. Orlanthi show a pretty woman with the same crown, but emphasizing her billowing white cloak.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview3612019Spirit Cult
Tales of the Reaching Moon 14451996or andPraxian Spirit Cult
Nomad Gods471977

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