The wild fire, one of the Lowfires

Oakfed, the god of Wild Fire, destroyed many forests and even burnt down stone palaces during the Gods War. He was tamed in Prax by Waha, in other regions by their ruling deities. Oakfed now sleeps, but can be awakened by priests who need his help.

Oakfed is worshiped as a fire. He is shown in statuary as a flame-headed god.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview2272019Subcult of the Lowfires
Cults of Glorantha Preview3592019Spirit cult
RuneQuest Glorantha3792018Spirit runeSpirit cult
Sartar Companion2652010Spirit society of the Kolating Tradition
Common and uncommon runes2004Personal Rune only
(Oakfed Wildfire)
Pavis391983Pavis subservient cult
Cults of Prax26, 501978Waha associate cult
Pavis subservient cult
Nomad Gods431977Counter
Fire spirit

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