Heler, the blue god, is Orlanth‘s loyal friend though subordinate to him. He is quite handsome, and at least one tale relates an affair between him and Ernalda, Orlanth’s wife. Heler is occasionally considered a militant deity, but rarely an effective one. His name is a watchword for loyalty among Orlanth worshipers, and to be called “staunch as Heler” is a high compliment. Sheep are sacred to him, and Daga is his eternal foe, ever-defeated by Heler’s magic waters.

Heler has many forms and so is known by many names:

  • Urangu, an earlier shape of Heler that was more powerful, called Uruthu by the God Learners.
  • Tarheler and/or Tarhelera

Heler is usually pictured as a handsome blue-skinned man, accompanied by or calling clouds. He is never armed, to show that his blue skin is not woad (worn only by warriors).

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Cults of Glorantha Preview3072019water rune
Guide to Glorantha1512014water runeNotes only
HeroQuest Glorantha1422012water runerunes only
Sartar Companion2622010water rune
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1082009water runeNotes only
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1252009Orlanth subcult
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