ISS3006 Revealed Mythologies (2004)

Revealed Mythologies details the mythologies of the Malkioni (Westerners), Vithelans (Easterners), and Doraddi (Pamaltelans) of Glorantha, which previously have been obscured by the mythology of Central Genertela. Each section of the book provides the core mythologies of these powerful and important cultures, accompanied by a total of more than twenty Godtime maps from the culture’s point of view. Each mythology is also accompanied by a glossary of the culture’s important divinities, places, events, and philosophies. Finally, Revealed Mythologies also includes a 10 page consolidated index.


Malkioni Mythology
Zzabur Says
The Malkioni Measure of Myth
The Invisible God
The Abiding Book
The Malkioni Otherworld
The Kings of Seshnela
Malkioni Glossary
Pamaltelan Mythology
Pamaltelan Mythic Periods
Fonrit, Slave Land
Pamaltelan Glossary
Vithelan Mythology
Cycles of the Universe
High Gods, Gods, and Antigods
Genealogy of the Avanparloth
The Cycles of the World
Other Vithelan Myth Cycles
Kralorelan Mythology
Vithelan Glossary



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