ISS1301 Thunder Rebels – Player’s Book for Orlanthi Barbarians (2000)

Glorantha HW Background Information for Hero Wars Players

Thunder Rebels, Players Book for Orlanthi Barbarians
  Product Number ISS 1301. ISBN 1-929052-03-0. $19.95
  256 pp., Trade paperback size, Maps.
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By Robin D. Laws, Greg Stafford, John Hughes, and Roderick Robertson
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Based on the campaign by Greg Stafford

This is the book to familiarize players with the day to day life of a Heortling barbarian. It gives new information about their culture, new character generation professions, and almost fifty subcults of Orlanth and Ernalda to join. It also includes myths and maps to help adventure on the Divine Plane, including a map of Orlanth’s own divine Storm Realm.

Table of Contents

This is the complete and final contents.

I’m New Here: Where Do I Start?
    We Are All Orlanthi
Glossary of Terms
Chapter 1: The Heortling Way
An introduction to the Heortlings told through first-person narratives. 
Map: Kerofinela, Center of the World
Your Stead
Chapter 2: Inside Heort’s House
The Centrality of Kinship
Individuals and Society
Your Clan
The Kinly Hearth
Law and Justice
Combat and Warfare
Your Enemies
Heortling Lands
Map: Sartar
Chapter 3: The Storm Tribe
Becoming People
Divine Retribution
Funeral Customs
Your Gods
Chapter 4: Call the Lightning
Your Wyter 
The Sacred Order of Time
The Annual Sacred Calendar
The Sacred Order of Space
Dragon Pass Weather
Chapter 5: Inside Orlanth’s Hall
    The Storm Realm
Map: The Storm Realm
The Mythic Ages
Map: The Storm Tribe Age
Map: The Late Vingkotling Age
The Hero Age
Chapter 6: Become the Thunder!
    Cultural Keywords
Selecting a Name
Basic Occupations
Advanced Occupations
Chapter 7: Ernalda, the Great Goddess
    Ernalda Allmother (aka Ernalda the Mother)
Ernalda the Healer
Ernalda the Queen
Chapter 8: Orlanth, the Great God
    Orlanth Adventurous
Orlanth Allfather
Orlanth Thunderous
Special Orlanth Aspects
Creature Statistics


You will find more cults and cultural information in the companion volume Storm Tribe, the Cults of Sartar.

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