Maran Gor

Orlanthi pantheon and Doraddi pantheon

Goddess of Fighting, Quakebeasts, and Earthquakes

This goddess is often called the Earth Shaker. She is the sister of Ernalda, and was once generous and kind. Maran took no husband or lover. When the troubles of the Gods War came, she took the title of Gor, and became an object of fear and awe. She was then a destroyer and was powerful and famous during that black time. Now she is only actively worshiped by those that enjoy the carnage which is her most precious gift. Most great earth temples still include shrines to this deity, and prayers are sent to deflect her wrath.

Her statues portray a stout, blocky woman, hands clenched into fists and foot raised to stamp the earth.

Cult Compendium862002Orlanthi Genealogy
Write uppageyearRunesPersonal
RuneQuest Glorantha2992018
HeroQuest Glorantha1422012Runes only
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1102009Notes only
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1412009Ernalda subcult
Storm Tribe2202001
Tales of the Reaching Moon #6

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