The Bonfire, one of the Lowfires, The Redsmith, The Smith

Also know as Gustbran Redsmith. Gustbran is the fire of the kiln and the furnace

Gustbran was born during the crisis of the world when all hope seemed dimmest. Until then he had lived within the folds of Mahome‘s cloak, and he can still be summoned from her in need. He is called the Source of Many Torches and his holy day lies within the deepest part of winter. He is also the fire god of smiths.

He is usually depicted as a large fire, sometimes with eyes peering from the midst of the flames. Smiths portray him as a burly red man with hammer, bellows, and other appropriate tools.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
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2009Appendix A. Orlanthi Entities
Appendix D.
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1082009Notes only
Storm Tribe2162001

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