Chaos pantheon — the deceiver

see also Arkat, Nysalor, Nysalor / Gbaji

Gbaji brought about the end of the Dawn Age and destroyed Genertelan civilization. His subtle chaos infected all cults and peoples from Peloria to Seshnela. At the peak of Gbaji’s evil empire vampires walked openly, disease masters of Mallia were as highly esteemed as healers, and the populace of entire cities sprouted chaos features.

Arkat the Liberator destroyed Gbaji and destroyed his empire. To this day, Gbaji’s homeland, Dorastor, is infested by vile monsters.

No images of the living god survive. He is shown in western manuscripts as a demonic figure — an evil parody of the human form. Pelorian manuscripts reveal an elegant radiant man-like being, almost always shown suspended off the ground and glowing from within. His handsome face is usually twisted with a snarl. He is usually also shown with leathery wings.

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