Grandfather & Grandmother Mortal

Old Man, father of all mortals

see also Old Man, Wild Man

The first man and woman ever made, and ancestor of all other humanoid mortal races.

One day Humakt came to him and asked if he wished to test a newly discovered power. Grandfather Mortal agreed and so became the first creature to die – to have spirit and body separated. Due to this event all descendants of Grandfather Mortal now die. His spirit went to the Underworld, and all newly dead spirits go there still.

Grandfather Mortal has many descendants, for he was a popular plaything among the deities. Most intelligent humanoid species trace their descent from him, including humans, elves, trolls, and mermen.

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Appendix D.
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Cults of Prax171978Daka Fal associate cult
Cult Compendium1972002Elf GenealogyHusband of Aldrya
Cults of Prax1071978Ancestry of the ElvesHusband of Aldrya

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