Gerlant Flamesword


Western pantheon — warlord, saint of honor and right action

Gerlant Flamesword was a king of Seshnela during the most important war fought by the Malkioni. He was Arkat‘s liege during the Gbaji wars and he used Arkat to save his land. When Arkat betrayed his principles Gerlant turned against him. This forced treachery has been a favored subject for tragic epics for centuries. Sometimes Gerlant is declared to be Arkat’s son. Gerlant’s prowess and honor became so legendary that even before his death, he was worshiped as a saint.

He is pictured in manuscripts as a bearded king with black hair wielding his famous flaming sword. His arms consist of a flaming red sword upon a white background. A variant of this became the hated symbol of the God-learners.

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