Praxian pantheon — the dead god

Genert once ruled the northern continent. During his life peace and plenty abounded. Since his death by the agents of chaos, the world has been worse off.

Genert was not resurrected by the Dawn because when he was slain his body and soul were eaten by chaos monsters. Anything so destroyed leaves the energy cycles of Glorantha forever. A great patch of land on the northern continent is harsh and barren because it used to be connected with Genert’s personal life forces, which can never be recovered.

No images of Genert are known. Some cliff carvings reported in the wastelands beyond Prax show a giant before whom bow figures who are similar to known nomad deities.

She is usually shown as a bloated black spider, or as a woman to the hips, mounted upon a spider’s thorax and abdomen.

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Book of Heortling Mythology1862009Appendix D.

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