Gagarth the Wild Hunter


Gagarth rides across all the worlds seeking lost or lonely spirits as food for his hunt. He chases the devout off their predestined path to eternity. He runs down the lonely traveler on the moors. He dogs the trail of all who resist him.

The fierce winds which accompany Gagarth sting like red hot hail. He rides a demon steed which gallops upon air, land, or sea, and he is armed with a long-reaching barbed spear. His companions include slavering spirit wolves and a howling crowd of dead followers.

He is usually shown as a skull-headed man with glowing eyes. He rides an eight-legged steed like a horse with an eagle’s beak.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview3162019
Book of Heortling Mythology165
2009Appendix A. Orlanthi Entities
Appendix D.
Cult Compendium862002Mention only
Common and uncommon runes2004Personal Rune only
Nomad Gods451997
Air spirit
Cult Compendium862002Orlanthi Genealogy

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