CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 17 Equipment & Wealth Q&A

Official Answers from Chaosium

This covers Chapter 17, pages 402-413:


    Vasana’s Saga (page 407)


    The Prince’s allies in that city paid our ransom to the Wolf Pirates, no doubt to gain favors from them.

    Price List of Goods and Services (page 408)

    Jewelry (page 409)

    Fibulae, Bronze: Weight: 0.1 kg. Price: 10 L.

    Fibulae, Silver: Weight: 0.1 kg. Price: 100 L.

    Other Animals (page 411)

    One common animal that is not available for purchase is the shadowcat (alynx).

    Tools (page 411)

    Tools can usually be bought from the market or directly from craftsmen.

    Torches & Lamps (page 412)

    How long does a torch burn?

    For a hand held torch, probably 20 mins. This is dependant on wind and of course you could have bigger ones that are harder to carry. If you’re interested look up rushlights.

    How much does it weigh in ENC?

    Remember, ENC is not an actual weight:


    Any item that can be held easily in one hand (a sword, a rock, an axe, a rope, etc.) is treated as a “thing.” 

    “Things” for ENC, page 150.

    Torches (5) ENC. That is using standard notation from the rules 5 torches = 1 ENC. 

    They’d normally be wicker, but other resinous tree branches, fat dipped bones, and other localised materials would be available.

    Same for the “load” of lamp oil one buys for 1C, and what is the volume?

    Bronze / clay lamps (4) ENC. 1C fills the lamp (that’s the load). 2 hours.

    Details for lamps

    Clay lamps have a volume of around 20-30ml and the general formula for oil burning is 15ml/hr.

    Bigger lamps will obviously burn longer. Oil would be bought in amophrae, or skins if butter.

    I have a reproduction bronze Roman lamp (20ml) and with attention to the wick will burn 4 hours easily.

    Food (page 413)

    Only Praxians regularly eat mockpork (a nickname for herd-man).

    Short-Term Labor (page 413)

    Skilled Crafter: This includes occupations such as carpenter, cook, mason, weaver, and the like.

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