CHA4039 The Smoking Ruin and other Stories – Q&A

Official Answers by Chaosium


    The Wild Temple (page 14-34)

    Keronorl (page 26)

    Runes: Air 55%, Fire/Sky 85%, Man 90%, Spirit 75%.

    The  Smoking  Ruin (pages 35-109)

    Treya of Ezel (page 42)

    Rune Spells: Illusory Sight (1 pt.)

    Ereneva Chan (page 45)
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    Ricruz Xenxen (page 72)

    Magic Points: 53 (16 + 37 in spirits)

    Boons for the Adventurers (page 109)

    If you get a Passion award that raises your Loyalty by 30%. If you didn’t have that specific Passion earlier, what will your Loyalty be now?

    If you already had a loyalty passion to the individual from other events, perhaps through other encounters, it would likely already be at 60%, so you would add the 30% directly, otherwise use the guidance on page RuneQuest Glorantha 236-237. If you wish to even take the loyalty, it could range anywhere between 60 and 90%. Review the adventurer’s relationship and interactions with the individual and make the decision from there.

    Remember that Loyalty (individual), is also used to gain the personal support of that individual.

    The  Lost Valley (pages 110-123)

    Hawarin Moonsister (page 114)

    Spirit Magic: Befuddle (2 pts.), Countermagic 1, Darkwall (2 pts.), Detect Life (1 pt.), Glamour (2 pts.), Heal 2, Protection 1, Second Sight (3 pts.), Sleep (3 pts.) Befuddle (2 pts.).

    The Grove of Green Rock (pages 159-187)

    Broo Priest (page 184)

    Spirit Magic: Befuddle (2 pts.), Binding Enchantment (1 pt.), Detect Enemies (1 pt.), Detect Life (1 pt.), Detect Spirit (1 pt.), Disruption (1 pt.), Heal 6, Magic Point Enchantment (1 pt.). Sleep (3 pts.)

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