CHA4032 RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary – Q&A

Official Answers by Jason Durall

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Tusk Riders (page 68)

Using the charisma rule as your max number of spell point breaks down with tusk riders and their 1D6 CHA.  Is the rulebook trying to tell me they are “less”? I’m thinking of house ruling INT with CHA as your suppressed spells Ala RQ2?

Tusk Riders were not statted up for, and are not generally suitable as, player characters. 

In RQ1 and 2 they had CHA 1-6, and generally had two spells. Their writeup in RQG reflects this. 

If you think they should have more spirit magic than up to 6 or 7 points, then you can easily assign more CHA to them on a one-off basis, or as a race.  

If you want to have them use a different rules paradigm for their spirit magic than every other race, then by all means do so.

Crack (page 94)

It would appear there are two different versions of the Rune Spell ‘Crack’, one as described in the RQG rulebook, pg 324 and one as described in the RQG Bestiary, pg 94.

Here is the updated version which will appear in the upcoming Cults of Glorantha and replaces the two previous versions:


Chaos, Disorder 

2 Points

Ranged, Instant, Stackable

This spell must be cast at a non-living, non-magical object, such as a piece of armor, a weapon, or a shield. If successful, it causes the item to crack and break into many pieces.

If stacked, more than one item carried or worn by the spell’s target may be shattered at once. If a spirit lives in the item, the caster’s POW must overcome the POW of the spirit to let the spell work. The spell has no effect on spell matrices, crystals, or on elf bows of magical nature. Temporal spirit magic, Rune magic, or sorcery does not make the item proof against the spell, the caster may boost with magic points to overcome the magic at 2 points per Rune point, 1 point per point of spirit magic, or 1 point per sorcery strength. The caster may also boost with magic points to help penetrate Shield, Countermagic or similar defensive spells.

A Repair spell will fix a broken object.

Vampires (page 105)

 Spells are now resisted POW vs POW no Current MP vs Current  MP. A vampire has no POW. Do they then have no chance of resisting spells? No chance of overcoming other people’s POW? 

When in doubt, use current magic points instead of POW for creatures without POW.

Elementals (page 176)

Do all attacks by the various elementals take place on SR 12?

Yes. They have no DEX characteristics so they’ll go last in any round.

Fire Elementals (Page 181)

Replace shanassae with Shanassee

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