CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Q&A by Chapter

I would like to emphasise – the RuneQuest game rules are not computer code. They are like laws or regulations, which often need some construction to interpret how they work together. Some people might consider that a problem, but for me it is a source of flexibility, and creative potential. YGWV, but I am not inclined to have the rules written in such a manner that they try to resolve every possibility. Use your common sense and judgement.

Jeff Richard, RuneQuest Creative Director

The rules cannot – and should not – account for every permutation of character interaction.
The gamemaster’s role is to make decisions about circumstances that are unclear and rule accordingly. 
If the gamemaster decides that having someone move into another character’s range during combat warrants a reaction (as if withdrawing), then the solution seems obvious, based on related rulings. The gamemaster might also call for an Idea roll to determine if the character can notice and react fast enough to having someone they’re not fighting suddenly running by them. 

Jason Durall, RuneQuest Line Editor

Jason talks about using the rules here:

Many of these question were originally posted at BRP Central on the Q&A pages.


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