CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 20 Conversion Guide

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This covers the first part of Chapter 20, pages 432-437:


    Converting RuneQuest Adventurers

    How does this conversion work in practice?

    I used to have Endurance, but now after conversion I instead have the Invigorate rune spell that no cult in fact provides? How is it even cast in this case? With what Rune Points?

    Just add the Rune Spell to the cult that your adventurer is a member of, and power it with those rune points. If this to you feel like a bad fit, follow the next step of the conversion guide: 


    Use the updated spell descriptions whenever available, and if a spell no longer exists in RQ:G the gamemaster should allow it to be switched for another appropriate spirit magic spell of equal strength, or an equivalent number of points in other spirit magic spells.

    Spirit Magic, page 435

    Runes (page 433)

    Though they are familiar with Runes as a part of their culture, religion, and magical life, RQ2 adventurers are not defined by their affinity to the Runes themselves.

    As for the Runes themselves, the organization of Runes into Conditions and Powers has changed, and the Fertility Rune is now the Life Rune.

    Skills (page 433)

    These modifiers are provided in the table above.

    Additional skill changes are described in the table.

    Rune Magic Conversion table (page 436)

    Replace Float with:

    Old SpellNew SpellNotes

    Rune Magic (page 436)

    Adventurers can use Rune points to cast any common Rune spells and any special Rune spells they have learned from their cult.

    Sorcery (page 437)

    • For starting spells, the player should pick a total number of sorcery spells equal to the total of

    Wealth (page 437)

    Previous editions provided adventurers with fairly large amounts of amounts of treasure.

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